Kratom Soaps: How to Make One

Kratom powders come from kratom tree leaves. These trees are from the coffee family. So, if you don’t want to drink kratom teas that you can try making kratom soaps, these soaps are said to be great in curing various skin diseases. It is also very moisturizing. So, how do you exactly make one.You’ll need to gather all materials for the making of these kratom soaps. That way it’ll make the process a lot easier and will go a lot smoother.   

Kratom Soaps

Materials for Kratom Soaps  

  • Dried Rose or Lavender flowers (optional for Aroma) 
  • 11 to 14 oz of water  
  • 15 oz of avocado oil for moisturizing  
  • 8 oz of coconut oil 
  • 1 oz of Shea butter  
  • Glycerin  
  • Lye  

Preparation Method for the Kratom Soaps   

  • Wear gloves for safety measures and also put a cover on the workspace to avoid stain damages due to spills. Do not forget to protect your eyes with goggles. Safety is a priority.  
  • Heat glycerin in a pan until it melts. Add oils to the glycerin and mix thoroughly. 115 F or 46.11 C would be the ideal mixing temperature that will be most easiest.  
  • Mix lye and water together, and let it cool. Once cooled to room temperature mix the oil solutions to the mixture; at this point it should start to smell like soap.  
  • Add the kratom powder to the mixture and also the flowers (dried).  
  • Add the complete mixtures in your molds. You can go for the traditional box molds if you want or you can also try quirky fun designs with the silicon mold. Just make sure that whatever mold you are using it can be taken off easily.    

You are done with the soap making all you have to do is use it daily to heal whatever skin problems you have. Also you can totally change up the ingredients used according to your preference. This particular recipe for soaps heals dry skin, patchy skin and leaves them supple and smooth.   

You can also change up the procedure and make scrubs instead. There are also lotions and creams for good measure just check the internet for the particular procedure or preparation method to make each one just make sure that you aren’t losing the kratom poder.   

This soap can help improve the skin and give you a better complexion. Meaning you can use this to lose your blemishes in the face and acnes and their marks, sports injuries or scars. It is also said that it relieves muscle aches and relaxes it allowing you to enjoy the time. Overall this particular product allows you to have a greater self- esteem and a healthier well-being.   

It is important for humans to be able to live a healthy life so you can enjoy what life offers. It is a great idea for you to be more open to what life is. Taking care of yourself means that you love what you have, what you live for. So it is a good start with taking care of your skin.   

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